Our Holistic Principles


  • Global Pattern Search (GPS) is patient centered as it involves the patient awareness of their body use patterns, is non-invasive (not meant to provoke symptoms) and respects patient limitations at the time of evaluation.
  • GPS information is provided in easy-to-understand language to enroll patients in better body awareness and self-care.


  • When dealing with either acute or chronic symptoms, people want to be able to improve their ability to adapt to change.
  • GPS gathers information on whole body alignment to determine body patterns of use and focus patient self-care to improve their adaptability.

Alignment of practitioner/patient values for health

  • Understanding patient values for symptom-relief, pattern correction and chronic management of issues is important to determine treatment strategies.
  • Practitioner alignment of values with their patients will result in better recommendations for care as well as greater trust, honesty and respect

Enhances contextual healing

  • Contextual Healing is activated and enhanced by the clinical encounter and is distinct from the specific efficacy of treatment interventions
  • Patients are encouraged by the depth of analysis and how it can be used to re-evaluate their misalignment patterns


Peripheral Alignment Matters Course

  • Peripheral joint analysis for multi-discipline Health Care Practitioners interested in patient-centered care – ​Introduction to Global Pattern Search (GPS) to guide practitioners and their patients for better results.
  • Q & A support


Alignment Matters Certification

  • Integration GPS findings in the spine & cranium with peripheral joint analysis
  • Submission of 3-5 case studies
  • Q & A support
  • 1 Zoom call (1:1) for certification


Micro Alignment Therapy Course

  • Online demonstration and teaching of MAT (lever therapy) directed for both soft tissue and joint correction
  • 2 group Zoom calls
  • 1 day hands-on seminar (zoom 1:1 coaching if travel is not possible)


What are Patients Saying?

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